🕵️Cantina Code for Security Researchers

The Cantina Code interface allows Security Researchers to submit Findings and communicate with clients or any other members of your Teams inside a Cantina Repository.

In this section we will outline some of the most important features and "must knows" of the interface.

On the top right side of the interface you have access to the Cantina Account, inbox and cantina repository information, which contain information such as:

  • Type: The type of the security engagement. e.g., Public Competition, Collaborative review, etc..

  • Status: Different statuses that affect repository settings. e.g., Live, Judging, Escalations, Completed, etc..

  • Time-frame: Duration of the security engagement.

  • Role: User role in the repository.

and on the top left side of the interface is the name of the repository, e.g., Morpho/moprho-blue.

The toolbar menu below the repository name contains the following tabs:

  1. Chat - Coming Soon

  2. Reports - Coming Soon

In the next sections you will learn more about these tabs and how to efficiently utilize the cantina code interface.

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