📜Escalation Process


After the judging phase, the escalation process starts. If a finding was judged and the security researcher that submitted the issue doesn't agree with the severity given, they can appeal for an escalation process and provide extra information justifying the appeal.

Each security researcher can only escalate issues submitted by themselves, and if invalid, will be penalized $100 from their future credit of potential earnings from the competition.

Here's a tutorial on how to initiate an escalation on your finding:

How does the Escalation process work in Cantina?

Within Cantina, researchers can only escalate their own findings during the escalation phase. This is done to avoid unnecessary escalations

  • Researchers can only escalate their own findings

  • A penalty of $100 is applied on invalid escalations

  • Cantina will have the final say in escalations

On the platform, it's impossible to escalate another user submitted issue, and currently we strictly don't allow that.

When researchers have genuinely valid concerns on other issues, they reach out to judges via private threads, and it's up to the judges decision whether to rejudge it based on the feedback taken. The judge flags them as escalated for it to be rejudged.

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