Cantina Guilds offer a bespoke security review experience. Each guild, including Spearbit, has its own set of standards to ensure quality. Cantina Guilds enable clients to access niche security talent for OPSEC reviews, penetration testing, curated fuzzing, Cosmos and Solana expertise, and more.

For services provided by a guild, the logo of that specific guild will appear on the report, lending their own reputation and credibility. Guilds also have the liberty to set their own pricing, which will vary from guild to guild.

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Spearbit is a decentralized network of security experts. We provide security consulting services to clients in web3.

Unlike traditional auditing firms which employ teams of full-time security researchers, Spearbit sources top talent from everywhere in the web3 ecosystem to assemble the best possible team for the job.

We also invest heavily into mentoring new security researchers, who get the opportunity to work alongside and learn from some of the most prominent names in the industry.

For our security researchers, we provide the operational layer to ensure that none of their valuable time is wasted on menial administrative work or client sourcing and due diligence. We also give them the opportunity to regularly collaborate with other security researchers instead of working alone.

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The Decurity team consists of full-stack web3 hackers with vast experience both in blockchain and traditional financial systems such as banks and payment gateways. We work closely with top-tier DeFi projects, such as 1inch, Yearn, Compound, Gearbox, GIVEth, Symbiosis Finance, and also audited Layer 1 blockchains such as NEM, Waves, Symbol, BitClout, and others. Our researchers ranked #2 in the hardest competition between smart contract auditing teams — Paradigm CTF 2022, developed popular open source tools, and helped preventing hacks worth millions of USD.

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Our team provides the best tailored web2 security solutions for web3 companies because of our unique background. We started as offensive security specialists inside the Department of Defense before transitioning to providing security services to both TradFi orgs and large web3 companies like Moonpay. At Graypoint, we believe in delivering simple and actionable security solutions that are meticulously tailored to the unique needs of our clients. Our approach is founded on three core principles: simplicity, visibility, and control. Our suite of services is designed to address various aspects of information security, from foundational assessments to comprehensive, long-term engagements. Discover how our offerings can fortify your defenses and improve your security posture. Trusted by Spearbit, Panoptic, ZeroLend, Superform, Coinfund, Kwenta.

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At Perimeter, we are the premier experts in the specialized field of fuzzing, offering it as a service to our clients. We are steadfast in our belief that fuzzing is an essential component of any comprehensive smart contract security review.

We employ robust testing through stateful fuzzing with Echidna and Medusa, ensuring your smart contracts are secure and operate as intended. We offer:

  • Comprehensive Stateful Fuzzing Campaigns

  • CI/CD Integration Assistance

  • Expert Guidance on Invariants and Invariant Testing

  • Tailored Fuzzing Assignments (Contact for details)

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