🏢For Companies

Cantina Competitions are a step in the development lifecycle that serve to increase the product's security posture before it reaches the market. Cantina Competitions are the best way to get a code base reviewed by a large number of people at once.

Be sure to register a Company Account if you haven't done it yet.

At a high level these are the steps you will go through in the competition journey:

  1. Book competition.

    • Book a competition by filling in the request form. A core team member will get in touch with you to inform you about next steps.

  2. Fill in scope and prize details.

  3. Accept and sign Statement Of Work.

    • Review and sign the competition proposal.

  4. Monitor Comments & Pings and Responding to Findings.

    • As findings come in, the Cantina team will handle the initial deduplication and filtering of issues. After this initial review, we will present you with a list of potential vulnerabilities. Your insights and comments on these findings will be highly valuable and can greatly enhance our decision-making.

  5. Report Generation and competition end.

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