FAQ Competitions

Where can i see my results card?

On the competition page you have participated on. If you don't see it yet, it will display soon as the feature is retroactively applied.

My issue is marked as a duplicate of another issue, but I disagree since my issue is misunderstood and not a duplicate, how do I fix this?

If your finding was marked as duplicate and you disagree, you can escalate it during the escalation phase.

Does it matter who submitted the finding first?

No, every finding is scored the same regardless of when it was submitted during the contest duration. We highly encourage you to spend time writing great findings. We also encourage submitting it as soon as you have a great write-up. This way, the team can often leave feedback on the finding and plan for fixes. We particularly want to discourage people who submit findings at the last moment.

Can I withdraw findings that I submitted?

Yes, you can withdraw findings by going to the finding context menu and clicking 'withdraw finding'.

How are low-severity / informational / gas-optimization scored and judged?

Some competitions may have a pool reserved for low-severity, informational and gas-optimization. This would be explicitly mentioned in the competition specific page, and these prizes are awarded for the top findings. Note: only quality of the findings are considered, not quantity. Excellent writeups for high and medium severity findings can also get awards from this separate pot.

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