🔶Comments & Pings

On Cantina Code it is possible to write comments and ping other users so they receive a notification. The functionality surrounding these features is dependent of the security review type and Cantina Repository settings (e.g., a regular security review may have different functionality from a competition or bug bounty).


Comment functionality is intuitive, if you need a refresher on the interface visit the Code Review section. While in Code Review mode, hovering over a line of code will display a blue box at the right side of the line number

which when clicked will give you the choice to submit comments or start a Findings Submission.

Depending on the context of the review, comments can be seen by everyone inside the Cantina Code Repository, your teammates or only you. Consult with the repository administrator if you have any doubts about comment visibility.

A feature to quickly jump through comments is worked on. In the meantime to make efficient use of comments you can:

  1. Ping users on the comment so they receive a notification and can quickly navigate to it.

  2. Copy the comment permalink and share with other users.

Comments also support Latex formulas and Mermaid.js diagrams! Learn more in the Diagrams & Formulas section.


Pings enable a user to notify another user. As a Security Researcher to notify all clients, use the @project tag. The user being notified will receive a notification via email and the Security Researcher Dashboard page.

Pings are also dependent on the security review type and repository settings.

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