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Below we outline a summary of what protocols and projects can expect when conducting a Cantina Competition

Why Cantina Competitions?

We've intentionally designed Cantina Competitions to be as intuitive and efficient as possible in UX to achieve:

  1. Higher Signal / Reduced Spam

  2. Streamlined Communication

  3. QA and Reputation Gating

  4. Favorable / Transparent Pricing Models

After gathering extensive customer feedback, we discovered that within the current state of crowdsourced web3 security, many protocols when performing a competitive crowdsourced security review, find it cumbersome to triage and sift through findings due to a poor user experience, relying on third-party providers for communication, and a lack of time-efficiency from managing irrelevant finding submissions through poor UX or platform structure.

We've solved these core operational issues protocols face by creating our own code review platform and communication hub complete with code review tooling and streamlined communication workflows to reduce client overhead significantly.

Cantina Code, our cloud-based code review platform was built intentionally for individuals, teams, and code review recipients to communicate findings effectively and perform any adjacent review actions necessary such as scoping or report generation.

We maximize the signal of our findings by employing talent gates, a reputation system, and quality assurance controls in our judging processes.

There is a 20% marketplace fee on top of the bounty pool + $ 5K for judging charged to all protocols or projects looking to conduct a competition which equates to about half of what current crowdsourced security firms request. Furthermore, to maximize the value of protocols seeking competition, if no finding medium or above is identified, the bounty pool is returned to the protocol.

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