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Below we outline a summary of what security researchers can expect when competing in a Cantina Competition

Why Cantina Competitions?

The Cantina Competitions experience was designed by security researchers for security researchers. We are a product-focused team determined to build an ever-evolving security review experience based on the feedback of our users. Competitions are designed to provide the security researcher with:

  1. Intuitive & Time-saving UX

  2. Efficient Review Operations (Report Generation, Judging, Compensation, etc.)

  3. Optimized Deal Flow

  4. Reputation System

After conducting numerous user interviews, we've identified that the current crowdsourced web3 security space has many inefficiencies that could be improved upon. Many of these inefficiencies stem from a poor code review UX where there is:

  • Lack of Dedicated Review Platforms (Github)

  • Fractured Client Communication (Discord, Twitter)

  • Lack of Review Process Automation

Cantina Code, our code review platform was built intentionally for individuals, teams, and code review recipients to communicate effectively and perform the relevant review actions necessary from scoping down to finding submissions. Cantina Code will also operate as a communication hub for security researchers to directly communicate with clients and organize their schedules, messages, and any other logistics adjacent to the code review itself.

We are building Cantina Code so that the main focus of the security researcher is purely the codebase itself, where every other item surrounding the security review from an operational standpoint is optimized so that they can put their absolute best foot forward.

Furthermore, we believe in creating a platform that will serve to elevate participating security researchers by providing them visibility to clients, solo review opportunities, operational support, and ultimately credibility via our reputation system to build a sustainable career. One example of this credibility system has already manifested itself as shown below:

Through building a truly better product and experience for code reviews, we will create better researchers with better findings, better payouts, and better opportunities to elevate their careers all-while maximizing the value driven to our clients.

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